Eliminate Dengue Indonesia is expanding to work in new areas of Yogyakarta city, and residents will be directly involved in growing and releasing mosquitoes with Wolbachia.

Bill Gates met with residents and community leaders in our Kronggahan field site during his visit to Yogyakarta in April 2014.    

Eliminate Dengue Indonesia has the support of the Governor of Yogyakarta as part of his commitment to developing healthy lifestyles

Eliminate Dengue Indonesia

Dengue was first reported in two of Indonesia’s 29 provinces in 1968. Today dengue has spread to all provinces and is endemic in many large cities and small towns.

In January 2014, Eliminate Dengue Indonesia began releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes in communities around Yogyakarta, a densely populated city with a high prevalence of dengue outbreaks. The aim of these releases is to establish Wolbachia in the local mosquito populations to reduce the transmission of dengue between people.

Wolbachia mosquito releases began after two years of engagement with communities and approval by the provincial government. With ongoing community support and regulatory approval, further field trials are helping us to develop our method for large-scale, low-cost releases of Wolbachia mosquitoes across entire cities in Indonesia.

Eliminate Dengue Indonesia is a research collaboration led by the Faculty of Medicine at Gadjah Mada University and funded by Yayasan Tahija (The Tahija Foundation).

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